Numerous demands for thorough investigations and possibly criminal charges rang out Tuesday from politicians, activists, celebrities and athletes on social media.

He falsely claimed to have a working relationship with 3M and gave New York City fake references to vouch for his company, federal prosecutors say.

Amy Cooper lost her dog, her anonymity, and her job at the investment firm Franklin Templeton after calling the police over an incident with a bird-watcher in Central Park.

Governors leading the charge on coronavirus restrictions have faced increasingly heated protests from people frustrated with stay-at-home orders and ongoing business closures that started in March.

Video of the encounter between a black man and Minneapolis police sparked immediate outrage.

Fox News commentator Brit Hume faced swift online backlash for calling out Biden's decision to sport a face covering while visiting a veterans memorial in Delaware on Monday.

The World Health Organization cited a new study that found hydroxychloroquine, which the president has touted to battle coronavirus, significantly increases the risk of death.

From pool parties to thousands of spectators at a racetrack to a dance party in the street in Daytona Beach, a pandemic couldn't stop America from celebrating the holiday weekend.

A Mississippi church that challenged restrictions against in-person worship services burned to the ground Wednesday. Authorities are investigating the crime as arson.

“When utilizing a homemade mask, avoid bandanas that are red or blue, as these are typically associated with gang symbolism," said one tip from the Franklin County Public Health department.

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