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          1. Coronavirus

            Note to readers

            The Washington Post is providing our daily live updates, comprehensive guide to the pandemic and our Coronavirus Updates newsletter for free, so that all readers have access to this important information about the coronavirus pandemic

            Guide to the pandemic

            There have been more than 5 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus. The virus has killed more than 320,000. Access to the following stories is free:
            The Latest
            Person-to-person spread is the primary source of transmission.
            The expanded benefits are set to expire in July, but White House officials believe they create incentives for Americans to stay home.
            In Anne Arundel County, the government’s team jumped from six to 86 employees in two months.
            More Coverage
            The University of California's governing Board of Regents is scheduled to vote Thursday on a plan to ignore SAT and ACT scores from in-state applicants.
            • Opinion
            We need to use common sense. Just because we can resume activities doesn’t mean we should.
            More testing sites are operating, and not all require a doctor’s order and an appointment.
            With unemployment at record levels, they can’t quit. The government should boost their pay.
            • 1 hour ago
            Sports should seem trivial during a pandemic. But psychologists say that for many fans, the absence of games represents a real loss.
            The coronavirus has restricted migrant labor and left Western Europe short on farmworkers.
            Cohen had been expecting to get out earlier this month, but his departure was delayed by shifting Bureau of Prisons rules.
            Some schools have already announced they are opening this fall.
            All those jobs had one thing in common: I hated them.
            • 3 hours ago
            Nearly 1.4 million residents of the District, Maryland and Virginia have filed jobless claims in the past 10 weeks.
            While the number of cases is extremely small, a University of California-San Diego professor is urging health officials to expand alerts about the mysterious illness previously seen only in children.
            Road trip season is upon us, but that doesn't mean you should take one.
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            (Alexa Juliana Ard, Michelangelo Ruzzene/The Washington Post)
            In Venice, hopes for another rebirth after the coronavirus outbreak
            Businesses and residents of Venice were hoping to bounce back after historic flooding, but then came the coronavirus outbreak. What does the future hold now?
            In Venice, hopes for another rebirth after the coronavirus outbreak
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            The surreal experience of flying during the pandemic
            Play Video 4:08
            Fauci's testimony warning against reopening too soon, in less than 3 minutes
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            Coronavirus anxiety is real. 'The Office's' Rainn Wilson has some breathing tips.
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